NASCAR Like a Diva

How to Rock Your Race Day Look

Heading to your very first NASCAR event? You probably have A LOT of questions.  

Rest assured, you will NOT be bored. From tailgating and pre-game events, to the races, to the after parties, there is NON-stop action at an official NASCAR race. 

But, you’ve gotta know before you go-what to wear, what to pack and what to leave at home. Check with your track for specific policies, and as a NASCAR spectator, anticipate lots of walking around, as well as sitting in the stands.

First, participating in all the fun will require an outfit that is casual, comfortable & convertible. Follow this guide for dressing on race day and look smokin’, while feeling comfy at the track! 

  1. SUNSCREEN (red, blistered skin is NOT a sexy look)
  2. A hat that shades the face (make it a NASCAR hat while you’re at it)
  3. The right NASCAR Diva race day bag (each track regulates on this-typically 14”x14”x14” or smaller)
  4. Walking shoes (have you seen the cute athletic shoes out there?)
  5. Lightweight jacket or sweater (chilly or hot, it’s good to have cover)
  6. Lip balm (you’ll want kiss-worthy lips when your favorite driver wins!)
  7. Sunglasses (chic, of course, but make sure they adequately cover the eyes & really filter out the rays)
  8. Dark color capri leggings (hide the sweat-go dark)
  9. Light color fitted shirt (that SHOUTS- NASCAR -while keeping you cool)

After you have the outfit nailed, be certain to have the essentials loaded up for the day.

Start with the most ideal bag- The Andrea Tailgate Tote -from SCORE! Game Day. This bag is the right size AND comes with a large oversized interior pouch for private things. The clear panels make it easy to get through the gate to the grandstands. It comes in a whole bunch of colors AND it’s chic!

Here’s are the 16 essentials you’ll want in your NASCAR Diva Bag for a “winning” day at the track.

  1. Sunscreen (see #1 above)
  2. Refillable water bottle (hydration is VERY Sexy!)
  3. Wet wipes (get that track dirt off your skin)
  4. Binoculars (zoom in on that pit crew in action!)
  5. Portable radio (keep current on all race happenings, in real time-they also have these for sale at most tracks)
  6. Headphones or ear buds for above (it’s really hard to hear during races)
  7. Seat cushion (No matter how big or small your butt, you’ll appreciate having this one)
  8. Favorite snacks (lines can be long at food venues)
  9. Lip balm (see #6 above)
  10. Noise reducing head phones (these words are NOT sexy- “Huh? What?-when repeated for days after the race)
  11. Camera with extending lens (for the best track, driver and pit stop pics)
  12. Rain poncho/lightweight jacket (you know, climate change and all)
  13. Cash (it’s the easiest and most accepted form of payment at the track)
  14. Makeup and hair essentials
  15. Medications for headaches and tummy aches
  16. Sharpie fine-point permanent markers for autographs

There are a few things you can’t pack in your NASCAR Diva Bag, nor bring into the grandstands. Again, be sure to check your track’s specific policies.

Here are 10 of the most common restricted items.

  1. Umbrellas
  2. Hard-sided coolers
  3. Glass containers
  4. Signs or banners
  5. Strollers
  6. Backpacks
  7. Noise makers
  8. Laser pointers
  9. Tripods
  10. Drones

For a FULL list of race track policies and recommendations, visit the SCORE! Game Day Bag website where you can find a comprehensive list of security policies and race day links for each NASCAR track, & NFL, NHL, NCAA, NBA stadiums and arenas.

Then, check out this article outlining 6 things you should do to make the most out of your first race experience.

The best advice for a flawless diva experience at a NASCAR racing event is this: Dress smart, Prepare well, Stay hydrated, Protect your skin. Follow and you’ll have a “revving” good time while “lapping” up all this sport has to offer.

What are you waiting for? Start your engine!